In today’s cutthroat business environment, companies face the immense challenge of carving out recognition, winning valuable customers, and establishing a unique brand and strategy. The secret to conquering these hurdles lies in developing a powerful value proposition and creating a brand that deeply connects with your target audience. Leading firms employ precise marketing strategies and utilize data-driven insights to draw in and keep profitable customers. By embracing innovative digital marketing methods and fostering a distinctive brand identity, businesses can distinguish themselves, not only surviving but flourishing in a crowded marketplace.


As a new or small company, you might be striving to establish your presence, compete with larger rivals, or break into international markets. At present, you may lack extensive experience or the budget to hire the team you need. However, our innovative strategies and resourceful approach can help you overcome these challenges and carve a niche for your business in the competitive landscape.

Sound Familiar?

The misconception that consultants are only for large corporations with hefty budgets is outdated.

Not all heroes wear capes

Dosser Consulting goes beyond traditional business consultancy; we provide comprehensive services and tailored solutions designed to foster growth, enabling you to compete effectively and expand your business.

Our area of expertise

As a Western-owned company rooted in Asia, Dosser Consulting possesses deep expertise in both Western and Asian markets. Whether you aim to penetrate Asian markets or expand your customer base in Europe or the Americas, we are equipped to boost your export trade. We serve as the strategic bridge that positions you ahead of the competition, facilitating your global expansion with precision and insight.

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• Logo design
• Brand Identity
• Web-design
• Copywriting
• Translations


• Flyers & Brochures
• Social Marketing
• Telemarketing
• Campaign management
• Lead generation


• Sales Development
• Presentation training
• Sales Mentoring
• Efficiency training


• Product strategies
• Regional strategies
• Marketing strategies
• Market research
• System development


• Marketing
• Sales Agents
• Channel development
• Market Research
• Telemarketing
• Acquisitions
• Webshop

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  • Branding

    Getting the right brand is the first step to success. A misspelt word, a wrong phrase or tone, or a misjudgment in culture can condemn your business to failure before it even starts. We are here to help you avoid such pitfalls and have a brand presence ready for market.

  • Marketing

    Need to Get Your Message Across? Use a Professional.
    Leverage the expertise of a published novelist, seasoned business writer, and renowned contributor to magazines and newspapers. Let your company leap off the page or screen. We provide full-service content creation, alongside the execution and management of your marketing campaigns.

  • Training

    With more than 30 years of expertise in Sales development and training, we transform individuals into effective salespeople, efficient leaders, and trusted advisors. We empower leaders and shape cohesive, high-performing teams.

  • Strategy

    We craft strategies centered on your core values and compelling value propositions, designed to launch your growth trajectory. Our expertise extends beyond setting your course; we actively foster your organization's development.

  • Sales

    Need to fast-track your sales? We offer direct support to supercharge your sales development. Whether it's engaging directly with customers, exploring new sales channels, or seeking strategic partnerships and acquisitions, we are here to act on your behalf and accelerate your growth.